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Helpful Tips

This page provides guidance for parents of students in kindergarten through Grade 8 who attend French-language schools in Ontario. This page will help you get the most out of Elo’s Missions.

How to get started?

The Missions were designed to support your child’s learning and enable him or her to see, review, consolidate or progress in his or her classroom learning.

Choose a grade and a subject

  1. Select your child’s grade (K-8) from the navigation menu or on the home page.
  2. Choose a subject.
  3. Browse the Missions and select those that suit your child according to the subject.
  4. With your child, complete the missions, celebrate achievements, and discuss the parts that were challenging.
  5. Choose other missions in other subjects and keep having fun!
  6. Access the “À vous de jouer” sheets under “Resources” or view the curriculum topics and expectations under to support your child’s learning plan.

Perform a search

Using the search bar, search by keyword and refine the results by filtering by grade, subject or field. You can also enter the title of the Mission, if you know it.

How to use Elo’s Missions?

IDELLO account required and upported devices

To make the experience engaging and interactive, videos, podcasts and text from the IDELLO platform are offered in Elo’s Missions. You must log in from a computer or tablet using your IDELLO account to view the missions.

The learning activities are intended for students in kindergarten through grade 8 who attend French-language schools.

Activities are sorted by subject and learning field. You can select them according to learning objectives.

We suggest that an adult first review the content of the mission before presenting it to the student. This helps to understand the activity, anticipate questions, and initiate discussion.

Structure of Elo’s Missions

The Missions are divided into three sections:

  1. The Welcome section presents:
    • the learning topic;
    • the learning outcome(s);
    • reflective questions to activate student knowledge.
  2. The Learning section:
    • presents information to support learning about the topic at hand through video viewing or virtual book reading;
    • engages students in their learning through observation.
  3. The Taking Action section engages students in a concrete and authentic learning situation that allows them to:
    • explore and apply the subject at hand;
    • consolidate their learning;
    • evaluate themselves.

The time required to complete assignments may vary depending on the student and the subject.

Key Vocabulary

Key vocabulary words identified in the learning activities indicate key terms and concepts that students should be able to identify and understand as they progress through the subject matter. These are the words used in the Ontario curriculum.

For education staff

Elo’s Missions are a great way to encourage different educational approaches! They are designed to support teachers in their teaching and planning of learning activities.

These interactive learning activities can also be used in the classroom on the interactive whiteboard (IWB) and in the learning centre with digital tools.

If you teach in a public school of Ontario, you can access Elo’s Missions, the teacher’s guide, the instructional sheets and the related authentic projects, through your school board’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You can then download a module or mission in your virtual classroom.

About the VLE; this link opens in a new window.

How to use the “À vous de jouer” Activity Sheets?

These short learning resources are developed by Ontario certified teachers and instructional design teams. The sheets are ideal to reinforce specific learning or independent exploration of a subject. They suggest fun activities and students are encouraged to read, watch or listen to deepen their understanding and knowledge.

These activity sheets are under the Resources tab when you browse the missions in a grade and subject. You can download or print the activity sheets as needed!