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Well Organized Is Well Understood!

  • Grade 8
  • French
  • Reading


In this mission, students analyze how the structure of a descriptive text separates main and secondary ideas from each other. Students organize their main and secondary ideas to summarize a text. Students infer, using textual clues, how the ideas in the development are divided.

This mission includes one or more Numerico resources. To access these resources, log into the virtual learning environment of your child's school board.

Learning goals

  • I use all the clues to formulate or infer the important idea of a paragraph.
  • I organize the main ideas I have identified with supporting secondary ideas, then summarize to show my understanding.


  • main idea
  • secondary idea
  • report
  • intertitle or subtitle
  • textual clue
  • quidditch
  • bolded words