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Budding Detective

  • Grade 7
  • French
  • Writing


In this mission, students explore the elements of a detective story. At the end, students write the resolution of a detective story based on a few clues provided, from the point of view of a detective who understands everything about a crime committed at school. Students use relational markers and textual organizers to provide a logical sequence to the story of the crime committed.

Learning goals

  • I write a draft of a detective story.
  • I use textual organizers and relationship markers to ensure coherence in my writing.


  • intrigue
  • the object : the goal
  • investigation : search for evidence
  • witnesses
  • specialists
  • suspects
  • culmination : resolution
  • clue
  • narrative text
  • mystery
  • detective story
  • proof
  • textual organizer
  • relationship marker
  • coherence
  • prove