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Vacation Plans

  • Grade 6
  • French
  • Writing


In this mission, students explore the tourism brochure and write an organized and structured draft for publication. Students follow the steps of the writing process with a focus on correction. Students coordinate adjectives with their relevant nouns.

This mission includes one or more Numerico resources. To access these resources, log into the virtual learning environment of your child's school board.

Learning goals

  • I write a tourist brochure, highlighting the characteristics and structure of this type of text.
  • I check the agreement of adjectives in a nominal group.


  • draft
  • adjective
  • nominal group
  • agreement
  • grammar rule
  • proofreading marks
  • title
  • subtitle
  • paragraph
  • call out
  • statistics
  • tourist attraction
  • photos
  • places
  • point of contact
  • print
  • sections
  • bullet points
  • illustrations
  • promotion
  • catchy words