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Climate Change in Canada

  • Grade 5
  • Social Studies
  • People and Environments: Government and Civic Action


In this mission, students explore the issue of climate change in Canada. Students examine the perspectives of communities in Canada’s far north, which are the most affected by climate change in the country.

This mission includes one or more Numerico resources. To access these resources, log into the virtual learning environment of your child's school board.

Learning goals

  • I gather information about climate change in Canada from primary and secondary sources.
  • I communicate the results of my investigation by presenting an Indigenous Peoples' perspective on climate change.


  • community
  • environment
  • climate change
  • global warming
  • greenhouse gases
  • carbon neutrality
  • effects
  • the North
  • Inuit
  • testimony
  • investigation
  • research
  • perspectives
  • points of view
  • issues
  • federal government