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Predict to understand

  • Grade 5
  • French
  • Reading


In this mission, students practice the Anticipate reading strategy, using the SAVVA technique (what I know, what I anticipate, vocabulary that helps me understand, what I want to learn, what I have learned) before, during and after their reading. The activities are carried out around informative texts, including the pamphlet, on the theme of recycling. The students also develop skills related to the critical thinking process by sharing their point of view on the message conveyed by the text.

This mission includes one or more Numerico resources. To access these resources, log into the virtual learning environment of your child's school board.

Learning goals

  • I make predictions before and during my reading.
  • I share my perspective on the message of the text.


  • anticipate
  • make predictions
  • informative brochure
  • title and a subtitle
  • recycling
  • point of view
  • critical thinking
  • SAVVA technique