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To Each Its Own: Timbre

  • Grade 2
  • The Arts
  • Music


In this mission, students learn to recognize the timbre (sound) of instruments from different families, such as percussion, voice and string instruments. In addition, students use the creative process to make a stringed instrument and have fun creating various rhythmic patterns.

Learning goals

  • I recognize the timbre of different instrument families.
  • I interpret rhythmic formulas with my string instrument.


  • steps of the creative process
  • timbre
  • musical instrument
  • string instruments family (violin, cello, double bass, guitar, harp, banjo, etc.)
  • percussion instruments family (drums, tambourine, djembe, drum, xylophone, etc.)
  • voice as an instrument
  • rhythmic formula
  • stringed instrument maker
  • Métis