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Juan the Monarch

  • Grade 2
  • Science and Technology
  • Understanding Life Systems


In this mission, students learn about the needs and life cycle of the monarch butterfly. They discover the life cycle of other animals such as the rabbit and the chicken. They describe how the protection of milkweed can help the monarch survive. Students take action to protect the monarch or conduct research to better understand the life cycle and needs of a suggested animal and how to protect it.

Learning goals

  • I describe the life cycle of an animal, including the monarch.
  • I help protect animals, including the monarch.


  • monarch butterfly
  • egg
  • lay
  • caterpillar
  • skin
  • shell
  • chrysalis
  • butterfly
  • milkweed
  • feeding
  • transformation
  • wing
  • protect
  • survival
  • life cycle